Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Monday. It's a lucky day off for me, so I wanted to make an update. I kind of got distracted from posting. Such a shame after just starting this thing. Oh well, let's get back on track.

A painting from a couple of days ago.

Lady with antlers and sort of messy up-do. Line-art in pencil.

Next, inked with Staedler pigment liner in 0.05.
Changed the position of the neck a bit.

I usually start pigmenting with the lightest area, in this case the face.
Using some kind of cheap watercolors from an old high school art set,
they can get kind of chalky when dried. :/


I originally thought to do more browns in this, but then that felt a little too normal. So now she's a cotton candy colored deer girl.

I came up with this after looking through some instagrammers under the #watercolors hashtag. I'm trying to screenshot some recs on my twitter and maybe on here of interesting art/artists I stumble across.

I painted another card after this for an instagram friend/fellow Six Gun, of a very a special someone (haha), so I will try to post that one tomorrow. 


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