Saturday, October 26, 2013

coping with copics

Long time no update lol. My computer is kind of fucked up right now so it's a glorified mp3 player, so I've just been using my phone for everything. And for some reason it's difficult to blog from my phone.

But anyway, I'm playing with copics today and I suuuuuck. I got pretty good when I was at Waseda, but I just never use them anymore and I'm awful with colors to begin with... D:

I like black and white so much better, but I really want to be better at color. Colored work is just so much more encompassing that I feel it's a skill I need to hone.

Today I colored and drew this shitty picture of Kyu:

I fucked up everywhere on this one but wharever lol

In Waseda I did some decent copic stuff:

Nothing fancy but it didn't suck imho. I hate feeling like I'm going backwards. :/

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